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Fabrication Process

Fabrication Process at KARS Unlimited Inc

Once disassembly has been completed. We begin the cleaning and sandblasting of parts. We inspect all components for serviceability. We determine which parts will need replacing if parts are available. Although most aftermarket body parts are of less quality than original they still provide a cost effective solution to unserviceable original parts. If the customer chooses we can search for NOS parts or a donor car for the project. If none of the above is available we can fabricate most parts with our comprehensive metal shop.

Repairs to the chassis and body are made at this time using many welding processes such as; MIG, TIG, Stick, brazing, soldering. Also the art of leading is provided here at KARS Unlimited.

Doors, trunk, hood, etc. is reinstalled on the car to make sure fit and body lines are crisp and exact. Any adjustments and welding is done at this time to insure an excellent fit before the paint process
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