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Painting Process

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When the welding, fitment of all body panels, and the epoxy preservation is complete. We disassemble the doors, trunk hood etc. to be painted separately. We begin body work to smooth out any imperfections in the metal. Primer and body filler is then applied during this process to further aid in smoothing. Many hours are spent to insure the body is laser straight and edges are crisp before paint. We do not water sand any parts of the project until after the paint is applied because of the risk of rust developing. Many shops use water to sand down the primer and if any bare metal is exposed the rust will begin. This process may take us longer but we feel it is necessary.

Once the body work is complete we apply a high quality sealer such as; DuPont chroma premier before applying any paint.

The paint process is next to the end result of many hours of hard labor and the most gratifying of all the processes.

The paint is what reaches out and grabs you, pulls you in, and makes you look closer. We provide any type of paint work that the customer may require including; custom, original, airbrushing, and under coating.

KARS Unlimited inc

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