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Preservation Coatings

KARS Unlimited Inc

Once the disassembly phase is completed, we can provide the customer options as how they want their project preserved. We provide services to include; soda blasting, sandblasting, bead blasting, acid dipping, e-coating. The best option is acid dipping and e-coating because it can clean, remove all rust, and preserve components such as inside bracing which is impossible to reach by any other means. It is almost as cost effective as media blasting. The biggest drawback to acid dipping is that it requires all rubber, plastic, and aluminum be removed before dipping such as; A-arm bushings, ball joints, spring bushings, trim etc. You can’t just do part of a body or a small section as you can with media blasting. The project will have to be a complete Gold Class restoration.

If dipping is not chosen then media blasting will be the obvious choice to remove paint, rust etc. Immediately following the media blast process we spray the bare metal down with a zinc phosphate coating to preserve the metal until all welding is completed. Once the welding process is done we spray an epoxy coating on the metal. This provides a permanent air and moisture seal against corrosion unlike primer. This process is not done by a lot of restoration shops.

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