Do you have that old car in the backyard and have been saying for years I’m going to fix it up one day? Well let K.A.R.S. Unlimited Inc. do all the work for you.

We can build you an all original or custom which ever you desire. We provide professional services for your rat rod, muscle car, classic car, street rod, or drag car including; ground up restoration, engine rebuilding, custom headers, transmission rebuilding, rear ends, chassis modifications, welding, fabrication, complete wiring, custom or original interior, and that all important one of a kind paint scheme that you always wanted using the best products available today. We also can provide pick-up and delivery of your dream machine.

KARS Unlimited Inc. is fully licensed and insured to protect your dream ride.


  • To provide the customer with the highest quality, best materials and workmanship that can be achieved while keeping the customer goals in mind.
  • It is our goal to prove to the customer we are honest and there is a true understanding on what we expect from each other.
  • To be professional and fair in all dealings with the customer to achieve the same goals.
  • We insist on giving our best effort when performing the art of Automotive Restoration.


  • We have just completed our new building with the latest equipment.
  • We installed a state of the art pressurized downdraft paint booth capable of painting an 18 wheeler tractor.
  • All new metal working machines to provide for custom metal fabrication.
  • We provide sand and media blasting
  • We offer state of the art front wheel alignment
  • We offer wheels, tires and balancing with new state of the are machines
  • We now have over 20,000 Sq Ft of work facility


is family owned and operated and is located in Hattiesburg Mississippi, 39401 and has been developed to provide automotive enthusiasts locally and nationally a complete restoration service for their new or classic automobile. We have been building and restoring cars and trucks since 1986. Our shop technicians provide over 100 years of experience in the art of restoration.

Here at KARS we provide the customer with best quality workmanship and products available.

We don’t charge our customers those unbelievable prices that our competitors do, but simply try to make a living at something we love to do.

Kenneth Pierce

Owner, manager, welder, paint and body, fabricator, mechanic, electrician, upholsterer, and janitor.


Paint and Body

Nelda Pierce

Co-owner, secretary, treasurer and janitor's supervisor.




Shop Forman, Mechanic


Metal Fabricator


Master, Mechanic.




The Transmission Guru.


The Engine Magician.


The Head Doctor.


Fabrication and Paint.


- Ken,

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how pleased I am with my restored 1946 Willy’s. I have always wanted an old jeep similar to the one I had while I was stationed in Europe in 1961. During that time I was driving a M151 jeep and had been tasked to be the Commander’s driver. My duty was to be ready to go anywhere the commander wanted at a drop of a hat. I was also required to have my jeep standing tall at all times. The jeep was my favorite vehicle of all the military equipment.

I was fortunate to find an old 1946 Willy’s, although it was in very bad condition; I knew you could build it for me. The color choice I made for the jeep was decided because in 1961 I was assigned to A-Co, 24th Quarter masters Battalion. Our commander wanted our equipment to look better than any other units in Europe. So what we did was mix the old Olive Drab flat paint with some high gloss black. This made the paint quite a bit darker green but made the paint shine like a new penny.

I still have an old picture of my jeep from 1961 and decided to even use the old military registration number on my new one. The group of people you have working for you are one of a kind. You can always tell when people are doing something they have a passion for. It shows in the quality and detail of the work they and yourself do. They are true professionals and always courteous.

Thank you

Earl Clayburn


First I want to start off by saying how pleased I am with my Jimmy/Blazer and what a pleasure it has been working with you and your team on my restoration. If you were to ask me if there was anything I would change or anything I would do differently the answer would be NO. In my opinion it is perfect and the work you and your guys turn out is first class, top of the line, A number 1. As you know this project/restoration started out as a 1971 GMC JIMMY 4WD, factory Hugger Orange with a white top. And as you and I discussed I did not like the front clip/grill of the GMC so we decided to change the front clip to a 1971/72 Chevrolet Blazer, and again I am so glad we did.

I went back and did my research on the vehicle and found it was originally purchased in August of 1971 by Mr. Gary Anderson, owner #1, of Aiken Coca Cola Bottling Co. from Graniteville South Carolina. Mr. Anderson kept the vehicle for 16 years and then sold it in March 1987 to Mr. Tom Mitchel, then of Walterboro South Carolina. I have the title application from this sale as well as an odometer statement which shows at the time it then had 46,153 miles on the vehicle, all of which was still in the glove box. Mr. Tom Mitchel and his family some years later moved to Jasper Alabama, where I spotted the vehicle in a carport, and started my attempt to purchase it from him. It took me approximately 6 months of coaching, bargaining, jawing, etc to convince Tom to sell me the vehicle. So finally in April of 2009 I bought the 1971 GMC Jimmy from Tom Mitchel and started looking, shopping, buying, any and all parts we would need in the restoration process. At the time I purchased the Jimmy from Tom it had 63,098 miles on it and was in very good condition considering the age and type of vehicle.

It is a numbers matching vehicle with the original 350 four bolt main engine in it. And then the rest is part of our restoration process of which has been very very exciting, painful, fun, good, and many others.

Thank You

George Davis


When I picked my Jeep up and took it home, all the family could say was WOW!!!!   Anyone I show it to says WOW!!!!  This 1980 Jeep was a graduation gift from my parents in 1983. It went through many mud holes in Camp Shelby.  It carried me many miles to Jones Jr. College and went through many mud bogs along the way. I have enjoyed many trips to the Coast and Gulf Shores in it.  I was cruising in my Jeep when I met my wife 22 years ago. When my boy’s Shelby and Joe were small children the Jeep took us to several swimming holes.  Going through every mud hole along the way.  At one point I let some friends talk me into taking the Jeep an a rock climb in Hot Springs.  Over the years I did not realize how bad of shape my Jeep had gotten in. You and your guys really pulled it off.  Can’t believe my Jeep turned out this good.  I honestly believe the Jeep looks better than it did when I got it  27 years ago. I will recommend your business to anyone I meet that is looking for good quality work.  

Thanks for a great job,

David Mozingo

I bought a 1969 Z/28 Camaro for $1300 in 1973 at the age of 17 and drove it from the end of high school, through college and through dental school. It was black with white stripes. My wife and I were classmates in dental school and I took her on our first date in that car. We got married after graduation in 1982. I sold the car in 1984 for $2200. It did not have the original engine anymore, it was not running, and we have no place to put it. 

Over the years, I always wished that I had that car back. I even dreamed about that car and hoped to someday have another one . I talked about it a lot, but never did anything. At the age of 55 my wife, Helen, reminded me that I was not getting any younger and that it might be time to get that car. She didn't have to tell me twice. Knowing that I was going to get a car and the fact that I could not find a black car exactly like I wanted, I started researching restoration shops to restore the car like I wanted it even before I ever got a car. I saw Ken's shop on the internet and my wife suggested a road trip to check him out. We visited him at his hsop and we liked him. After 6 months of looking, I found a car that fit the bill. It was a 1969 Camaro SS 396. It was red, but not for long. 

We took the car to Ken and after several months, we had a stock 1969 Camaro SS 396. We ended up doing a ground up restoration on the car. It was now black with white stripes and was in better shape than when it left the factory in November 1968. Ken was in constant contact with me over the months to make sure that it was exactly like I wanted. The quality of workmanship that Ken and his crew delivered was nothing short of remarkable. The car is so nice that it's almost too nice to drive; but I drive iit anyway. We can't go anywhere without people raving about the car. It's that nice. the air conditioning that they installed is also a welcome relief at this time of life. 

We are proud of the job that Ken and his team did for us and we would choose KARS Unlimited again. We are very satisfied and we doubt that we could have gotten a better restoration of this car anywhere else. 

~ Drs. Robin and Helen Campassi

Columbus, MS

Robin Compassi