Car Restoration Services Services

Services include but are not limited to the following:

Gold Class Restoration

where the complete chassis is removed from the body and all components of the car are disassembled, sandblasted, media blasted and restored to a better than new condition down to every nut and bolt. All body panels are fitted to very close tolerances and then the body is painted to the customers desired color to show finish.

Silver Class Restoration

Where the chassis is left intact but any of the necessary parts are removed, re-fabricated, upgraded, modified, or replaced. All body panels are fitted to very close tolerances and then the body is painted to the customers desired color to a show finish.

"Gotta Go" Restoration

Where the customer already has a restored car but needs repairs or upgrades to his or her ride such as; installing an air conditioning system, engine repair or rebuild, transmission replacement.

“Gotta Driver” Restoration

Where the customer can enjoy their car without the worry of having to be perfect. Car is still of high quality and still show worthy.

Fabrication, welding and body

Where the rusted or unserviceable chassis, parts, and body panels are removed, re-fabricated, upgraded, modified, rebuilt or reinstalled back into the car.

Electrical wiring and components

Will be replaced, modified, rebuilt or simply reinstalled back into the car. Complete new wiring harnesses, gauges, and electrical components may be installed. We will provide for stereo systems and custom installation.


Can be replaced to original or custom whichever the customer chooses. We will provide for custom dashes, center consoles, headliners, seating, and carpet replacement.

Other Services

  • Brake repair and conversions
  • Fuel systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Chassis fabrication
  • Rear clips
  • 4 links and ladder bar suspensions
  • Air conditioning repair and conversions
  • Vehicle procurement
  • Air brushing
  • Custom painting
  • Stereo systems
  • Speaker boxes
  • T V systems
  • Fiberglass repair and construction
  • Custom metal fabrication
  • Part procurement
  • Custom center consoles and dashes
  • Air ride systems
  • HID Lighting systems
  • Pickup and delivery available
  • Engine building and swaps
  • Transmission building and swaps
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Wheels and Tires

Eval Process

We are often asked to give a “Ball Park Figure” or estimate on total cost involved to restore the customer’s project. In order to give a fair estimate to the customer as well as KARS Unlimited we must first evaluate the overall expectations of the customer. Secondly we must evaluate the project ourselves to be able to answer the following questions;

How much rust does this project have?

Will we have to disassemble in order to give a better estimate?

How many parts will need to be replaced?

How much time will it take to locate those parts?

How long will it take to fabricate those parts which are unavailable?

What will be the quality level of the parts we receive?

How much time will it take to bring these parts to a higher quality level?

What changes and or modifications does the customer desire?

There are too many unknowns about every project to give a customer an honest estimate of the cost to build. Therefore as with almost all restoration shops, we charge by the hour.

We can give a customer a comprehensive detailed cost plan once the project has been disassembled and the unknowns are answered.

It is our soul desire to provide the customer with the best end result that we can possibly achieve. It is our reputation as an Automotive Restorer to the quality and workmanship of the project long after the money is forgotten.

Financial Process

When the decision has been made to begin the project, a contract will be entered into between KARS Unlimited Inc. and the customer.

The contract covers the deposit amount which varies depending on the depth of the project. It covers how payments will be made and also lists exactly what the customer wants done to the project. Changes are allowed with all projects and will be indicated on the contract as they happen.

The deposit is made approximately three weeks prior to start time. The deposit is used to order parts and to begin labor. This is done so there will be no down time awaiting parts. Once the project begins a payment will have to be made every two weeks until the project is complete. If far any reason payment is not made in a timely manner the project will stop and any further payments will have to be made in advance.

These payments can be made over the phone and in person. We try to make it as easy on the customer as possible using the following methods;

  1. Cash (In person)
  2. Check
  3. Visa, Mastercard, American Express,Discover (In person or over the phone)
  4. Debit card (In person or over the phone)
  5. Wire transfers (Fees Apply)

Fabrication Process

Once disassembly has been completed. We begin the cleaning and sandblasting of parts. We inspect all components for serviceability. We determine which parts will need replacing if parts are available. Although most aftermarket body parts are of less quality than original they still provide a cost effective solution to unserviceable original parts. If the customer chooses we can search for NOS parts or a donor car for the project. If none of the above is available we can fabricate most parts with our comprehensive metal shop.

Repairs to the chassis and body are made at this time using many welding processes such as; MIG, TIG, Stick, brazing, soldering. Also the art of leading is provided here at KARS Unlimited.

Doors, trunk, hood, etc. is reinstalled on the car to make sure fit and body lines are crisp and exact. Any adjustments and welding is done at this time to insure an excellent fit before the paint process.

Preservation Coatings

Once the disassembly phase is completed, we can provide the customer options as how they want their project preserved. We provide services to include; soda blasting, sandblasting, and bead blasting. You can’t just do part of a body or a small section as you can with media blasting. The project will have to be a complete Gold Class restoration.

If dipping is not chosen then media blasting will be the obvious choice to remove paint, rust etc. Immediately following the media blast process we spray the bare metal down with a zinc phosphate coating to preserve the metal until all welding is completed. Once the welding process is done we spray an epoxy coating on the metal. This provides a permanent air and moisture seal against corrosion unlike primer. This process is not done by a lot of restoration shops.

Engine Building

We provide engine building services from stock to mega wild! We also install engine conversions and crate engines.

Transmission Building

We provide complete transmission building services by highly trained technicians.


We install almost any upgrades to your suspension or drive train.

  • Narrowed rear ends
  • 4 link systems
  • ladder bar systems
  • rear clips
  • Front clips
  • Rack and pinion steering
  • Power steering
  • Air ride suspensions
  • Mini tubs

We rebuild your front suspensions using all new high quality bushings in either rubber or polyurethane. We provide for shortening or lengthening of drive shafts. We recommend building a complete new shaft with yokes and universal joints if your project requires modification.